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Stunning wood-look flooring compliments of LVT

LVT, a company acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tile, provides an absolutely stunning impression of real solid hardwood flooring. The realistic appearance comes via a 3D printing process that not only adds the realism you’re looking for, but also the durability that makes it even more appealing, especially for the busiest homes. This high-performance flooring also includes a wear layer, atop the image layer, that helps resist daily wear.

At The Wood Floor Company, we strive to provide only the highest quality materials for our discerning customers located in San Jose, CA; Las Gatos, CA; Saratoga, CA; Palo Alto, CA; and The Bay Area. We know how important the wood look is in your overall decor scheme, and we’ll provide only the finest products to meet the need. With a showroom located in San Jose, CA, we stand behind all of our work.

One of the nicest things about installing LVT in your home is that you can easily change it later if another flooring type appeals to you.At the same time, while it’s in place, you’ll get the same elegance and timelessness that you would find in a solid hardwood flooring. Your guests aren’t likely to even realize they aren’t walking on the real thing, yet it’s easier to clean, maintain, andcare for as long as it remains.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Atherton, CA from The Wood Floor Company

How durable is luxury vinyl?

Far more durable than you might expect, you’ll find this flooring resists dents, scratches, heat damage, and temperature changes. Since it’s a softer more resilient product than some, you’ll also notice an immediate noise-reduction once the installation is complete and a surface that easily springs back in high-traffic locations in your home. Foyers, living rooms, and hallways are a perfect place to discover this benefit.

The truth is, things do happen that can cause permanent damage to your flooring. Unforeseen situations can arise that make replacement necessary. The good news is that if that happens, LVT is easy to repair. Instead of removing an entire room of flooring, however, you’ll only need to remove and replace the damaged tile or tiles. The new tile will look just as good as the old one, too, because they retain their amazing appearance for many years.

You’ll probably be most pleased with the fact that LVT is a quick and easy install by your professional installation team. Available in formats that include adhesive attachment and floating floor, you’ll be pleased that the process is finished quickly and you’ll be able to walk on your floors immediately after

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