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Today’s laminate possibilities might just surprise you

Laminate is easily one of the most popular floor coverings, and it’s no wonder. Offering some amazing benefits, including a stunning solid hardwood look, excellent stability, durable construction and finish, and a great lifespan, it’s likely to be the perfect fit for nearly every room in your home. All of these attributes make it an excellent accompaniment for nearly every decor, while also providing plenty of space to build around it. The possibilities are nearly endless, and some you’ll just have to see to believe.

At The Wood Floor Company, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction in everything from the materials and products we provide to the services that breathe life into your project. From our showroom in San Jose, CA, we serve the communities of San Jose, CA; Los Gatos, CA; Saratoga, CA; Palo Alto, CA; and The Bay Area. When you need new flooring, be sure to make an appointment to come and speak with one of our professional associates.

Constructed of high-density fiberboard, laminate flooring is much more eco-friendly than some other flooring products available today. Wood chips are forcefully pressed together to create a very solid and stable material that’s perfect for busy floors. These chips can be sources from a variety of places, which means you don’t necessarily have to cut a tree down to create this product.
Modern laminate flooring in Saratoga, CA from The Wood Floor Company

What is laminate flooring?

The layers of this material are put together with a specific goal in mind. A balancing layer creates a surface for the HDF (high-density fiberboard) to which a design layer is then attached. In addition to providing a stunning wood-look finish, you’ll also find products that look just like tile and stone as well. Topping off the design layer is a wear layer that is transparent and does an excellent job of resisting everyday wear.

When you want the best laminate for your home, be sure to also ask about Uniclic, Hydroseal, and other details that will change your entire experience.

The locking system used in installing laminate flooring creates what is better known as a floating floor. Since no glues, adhesive, nails, or staples are used in creating this flooring, it can easily be placed on top of other types of flooring. Harder than most solid hardwood floor species, you’ll find it harder to dent or gouge, giving you many years of gorgeous lifespan while resisting wear the whole while.

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