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The Wood Floor Company is locally owned and operated by Paul Kopacz.

"I attribute our success to surrounding myself with good people. Everybody here takes great pride in what they do.  I believe a "family atmosphere" will breed self-pride, respect, courtesy, and professional service, both in the office and on the job.  We give all our clients 100% to insure their satisfaction.  A satisfied customer is the best referral a business can have.

The company employs a small in house crew of installers/sand and refinishers.  Our employees have been with the company for many years.  We strive to keep our employees content as a family and also responsible for the work that they perform.  By keeping a family atmosphere, they do take pride in what they do.  Respect for you, the client, and your project is certainly one of our main goals and concern.

Wood working is our specialty here at The Wood Floor Company.  Everything is done in house, however once in a while, our work is sub-contracted out, we have close ties to many "extended family" relationships.  These sub-contractors are still employed through The Wood Floor Company in order to keep our high standards of craftsmanship and control.  Our goal is to meet your scheduling needs as well as give your individual project our full attention.  Therefore, we make every effort to maintain personnel to accommodate our clients needs.

We have an extensive referral list of homeowners and contractors that we continue to work with and take pride in extending our list every day.  We strive to achieve a reasonable and fair profit as a reward for the quality of our performance and our customers know that they are getting exactly what they pay for here at The Wood Floor Company. 


To contact us:

The Wood Floor Company

San Jose, CA

Phone (408) 241-9663

Fax: (408) 260-9925


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The Wood Floor Company Principles

We are proudly committed to the following principles.   They are fundamental to our success and a constant source of inspiration.

Customer Satisfaction   -   Achieving a level of satisfaction among our customers that results in their long range support and enthusiastic referrals.

Quality Workmanship   - Consistently providing a level of job quality desired by our customers and meeting our own critical standards of excellence.   

Economic Responsiveness  -Maintaining a dynamic company that is creative in its response to changes in the market place.

Architectural Beauty   -  Contributing significantly to the beauty and appeal of our clients desired architecture.

Honesty and Forthrightness    -Dealing honestly and forthrightly with clients, employees, suppliers, and the community.

Employee Opportunity   -  Providing an opportunity for all employees to achieve a level of responsibility and recognition earned through their contribution to the company and its goals.

Employee Involvement   -Maintaining an entrepreneurial environment throughout the organization, such that individuals personally identify themselves as an integral part of the company.

Teamwork  -   Encouraging a warm, supportive work environment so we may foster a sense of teamwork among all employees.

Profit  -  Achieving a reasonable and fair profit as a reward for the quality of our performance.

maker of fine wood floors ...